A la lecture d’un projet de texte élaboré au terme d’un an de Commission Juncker, en dépit des demandes et pétitions des auteurs et des créateurs, les projets de modification des règles européennes de droit d’auteurs semblent toujours aussi menaçants pour la viabilité de la création.

SAA - Society of Audiovisual Authors

Since the beginning of this new Commission a year ago, copyright has been a contentious issue. President Juncker asked his new team to break down national silos. VP Ansip declared his hate for geoblocking. European creators were surprised, asking themselves how their authors’ rights, the foundation of their professional activities, could be such a problem for Europe. They realised that once again, new politicians had spoken before analysing the situation. Authors therefore took it upon themselves to explain again the role of authors’ rights and copyright in the cultural and creative industries: what it does and what it is not responsible for.

After a number of high level meetings, film forum discussions, letters, statements and contact with the Commissioners’ cabinets, they believed that the danger was over and that the new Commission had understood the main features and challenges of the creative and cultural sectors, in particular…

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